Saturday, September 17, 2016

Meet Mackenzie, the brown bear from Ouwehands

Hey everybody. After the vacation blog madness me is back again with some other stuff. Boy o boy are we spoiled with a beautiful Indian Summer. It really was a heatwave out here. Me no mind though. It perfect weather to go outside. On September 2nd Berry took the day off so we could go to Ouwehands Dierenpark (Ouwehands Zoo) in Rhenen, the Netherlands. Me have been to that zoo before, and last year me told about in a blog called Have me told about… Ouwehands Dierenpark?. Me reserved a big part of that blog to talk about the Bear Forest. Me tell you this, because this time our visit was focussed on the Bear Forest too. You see… they just opened a new exhibit room and Berry wanted to blog about it on her website. (pictures all taken by Berry de Nijs)

Observation post
New at the zoo is the Observation post. A little cabin that tells an important story about bears, showing skins, skulls, a wall full of black and white pictures and a showcase displaying old knives. There are old suitcases, as if someone was living there and a desk. The cabin has one wall made out of glass, zo real scientists, zoo keepers and visitors can observe the bears in their habitat. During our visit we could see two Malaysian bears frolicking around. It was fun. Me and Berry love bears and the exhibit is very educational. And a little emotional too…

Mackenzie, the brown bear
You see, there were these big glass showcases in the cabin. One of them had a skeleton standing in it that used to be from a bear that had passed away this year. The bear was one of the first bears to live in the Bear Forest. He was a real special bear. That is why the zoo wants to keep him close. Not only his skeleton was on display, in another showcase made of glass he sits as a taxidermy bear. He looked like a sweet big old teddy bear, with his glistening eyes and beautiful fluffy bear fur. Berry got a little misty eyed seeing the bear sitting there. She is not fond of taxidermy you know. Softly me heard her whisper: ‘Hi Mackenzie, are you comfy sitting there?’ Mackenzie was a very handsome bear and she even took a picture of me with him. It was hard though, because of all the reflection from the window, but me glad we did.

Strolling through the Forest
We also went to the Bear Forest to look at the wonderful bears that live in it. Because of the beautiful weather, they were out and about, taking a stroll, taking a nap or playing in the water. We could stay and watch them for hours, but we really wanted to visit the polar bears, tiger, lions and all other animals too.

A new friend
At the end of the day before we went home Berry decided to adopt a new friend: a little brown bear. Me Instafriends already met him. When we were cuddling on the way home in the car me whispered: ‘Hey Mackenzie, are you comfy sitting there?’ He looked up, nodded and crawled in me paws ever so tightly. So we adopted our own Mackenzie. He is the best brown bear and you know what? Because Berry adopted him the money she paid for him goes to the Bear Forest Foundation, so more bears like the real Mackenzie can have a safe, easy and abuse-free life!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Cookie Report from Bretagne – part V: Music on the Campgrounds & Slide Show

Hi everybody. Thanks for being patient. Here is the last episode of this year’s Summer vacation report. Today me want to talk about all the fun music on the campgrounds. There was music every day. At the pool you could listen to Summer songs, the Kids Club danced to certain songs and the camping even had its own dance. The song we heard most was Magic in the Air by Magic System feat Chawki. The song was featured a lot during the Euro 2016 Football tournament but at the Holiday Park it also was everywhere. It makes me happy to listen to it. That is why me had to use it for me Vacation Slide Show! Have fun!

Want to read all about our Vacation in Bretagne, France? Just click on the pictures below!

Friday, September 02, 2016

Cookie Report from Bretagne – part IV: Fun at the Zoo

Bonjour friends and Cookie Report readers. Me still is writing about me vacation in Bretagne. We started the journey with more about the ocean, then me told you all about the holiday park we stayed at Yelloh Village La Plage and last week me told you the yummy stories about the Cookie Store of Pont L’Abbe and this week we travel again to me memories of France. You know one of Berry’s hobbies is going to the zoo and me always tags along to see all these amazing animals. During our vacation we went to Zoo de Pont-Scorff nearby Lorient. (pictures by Berry de Nijs)

Near Lorient, in Pont-Scorff, there is a zoo called Zoo de Pont-Scorff – it easy. Berry wanted to go there because she loves visiting zoos and she read about Clouded leopards to live there. And she just love them. So we went with Berry’s dad and her nephews. After a long drive (an hour and a half) we got to the zoo. It was busy at the parking lot so we had to park a little creative in the middle of the big lot. It was fun already. We walked back – well… me hitched a piggy back ride – and got to the gate. It looked so small from the outside!

But when we went outside we did not believed what we saw! It was so big! Started with pelicans and other birds. There were beautiful monkeys, giant turtles and lions. And of course giraffes, elephants, sealions and penguins. We never saw a Clouded leopard – they can hide so well – but we did see some other little cats, like the Geoffroy’s Cat and a serval. O and we loved the cheetahs, they are so awesome. But the best thing of all was the Snow leopard.

We did not know the snow leopard would be there and she was so beautiful. Those eyes looked at us with so much wisdom. Berry and me… we fell in love. Snow leopards are so beautiful.

What me also loved was the art project that was exhibited all over the zoo. There were all kinds of animals made out of plastic bottle caps, plastic bags and other things we throw out on a daily basis. It was amazing. Me loved the bear the most, but the gorilla was cool too.

In short, we had a marvellous day and were very tired when we got back to the car – the zoo was THAT big. The habitats were beautiful and large, so the animals could play and wander around as much as they wanted. Next week me will round up the vacation blogs with a little video and some music we heard the most on the camping grounds!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Cookie Report from Bretagne – part III: Food & Drinks

Bonjour everybody! Me is back with me third part of me vacation blogs. Two weeks ago me started with me blog about the ocean and last week you could read more about Yelloh Village La Plage. This week – as me promised – me will talk a little more about the food and drinks we had. It not necessarily is all typical French, but it is vacation, so… it Holiday food and drinks. We start with the best thing: COOKIES! (pictures by Berry de Nijs)

You see, the particular section of Bretagne that we were at, is famous for its salted butter caramels and for its COOKIES! That enough right. Cookies. As long as there are Cookies during me vacation me is happy. But me never knew there would be these kind of Cookie stores in the world! In Pont L’Abbe there was this Cookie store and it was all Cookies, caramels, some local products, kitchen and home accessories, nougat and oh, did me mention it was packed with COOKIES? Berry really had to hold me tight, because me wanted to OM NOM NOM everything. Instead me stayed brave and she even bought me a bag of Cookies. Just for me…and me friends ofcourse. But oh boy oh boy, that was a fun place to visit. We went twice! And came home with lots and lots of Cookies… so nommy.

Well… after all those Cookies we also visited the little village of Plomeur (or Ploveur as it also said on the village name sign. They were celebrating the Fête du Crêpe: Party of Pancakes. French pancakes that is. They are really thin and sweet. Me loved it. For desert we had a thicker pancake with om nom nommy cherry jam! The party was accompanied by music on bagpipes and guitars. It was much fun!

At the holiday park we had some yummy treats too. We had bought some cakes at the Supermarché LeClerc. Had pizza, burgers and fish and chips from the Holiday Park take-out restaurant. And we had cookies and more. At the bar Berry bought me a cola flavoured slushie. Those are sooooo good. Especially when it’s hot. Like it was that day.

Me maybe a little Cookie Monster, but Bretagne is great as it comes to Cookies… Me want to go back there for sure! Next week though me will tell you more about the Zoo we visited. Because when there is a zoo nearby, Berry loves to check it out. We had fun there. But more about that, next week!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Cookie Report from Bretagne – part II: Camping fun

Last week me told you more about the ocean that was right behind the dunes, bordering the camping site we stayed at during our vacation in Bretagne, France. We stayed at Yelloh Village La Plage in Penmarc'h. A fun place with lots and lots to do. It was possible to play Tennis and Midget golf on the camping. There were parties and concerts. You could hire Go-Carts and lots more. Or just relax. Hey, it vacation. Me could do everything me want... this blog will tell you more about all the fun things me did. (pictures by Berry de Nijs)

Let’s start with the Swimming pool! There were two: an indoor deep bath where Berry went to swim lanes and play with her nephews. And an outside pool that was 1.30 meters deep at its deepest and 20 centimetres deep at its shallowest. There also was a little kiddie pool. Here it was easier to chill in the sunshine and play with a ball. It was so awesome – as you can see in the pictures above. We also had loads of fun playing putt-putt mini golf, also called midget golf. It really suited me, as most of the lanes were pretty in blue!

At the camping site there was an event square. This square outside of the bar and next to the pools was used for all kinds of entertainment. One night there was a cool band playing and we went there to listen and dance. But the most fun was the Foam Party. Yes you read it right! One day it was for children, with little foam and fun music. One time is was in the evening for everybody. It was not for me, me sat it out. But Berry went in the foam that was almost as high as her to dance to the beats of the DJ! She was soaked and had fun, and that was the most important thing!

We had a lovely little caravan slash vacation home to stay in during our vacation. Berry called it our Doll house, me not sure why because it was perfect for me. Me and me friends had a great bed that we shared with her and the table and chairs no were too high for us. O, maybe that is why Berry called it a Doll house then. Haha. It was small for her, but that no did matter. Most of the time we were at Berry her brothers home at the camping site. We played loads of games there or just relaxed. It was fun!

Well, that was me second blog about the vacation. Me sure hope you did like it again. Next week me will tell you more about the food and drinks we had and enjoyed! See you next time.